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March 13, 2019 Week 5 Day 3

Core (6 Minutes) A. Every 30 seconds x 6 Minutes L Sit Flutter kicks on Kettlebells/ Tuck to extension w/ 2 second L hold/ Tuck Hold/ Tuck Raises x 22 seconds Straight Leg Bottom Balance x 22 seconds 17/14/12 V Ups/ Tuck Ups/ Tuck Wraps 17/14 Elbow jacks/ Plank x 22 seconds Strength (15 Minutes)…

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February 11, 2019 Daily 30

Strength + Build Muscle A. Three sets of: 10 Deadlifts @ 3 seconds down 12 Single Arm Kettlebell or DB Press ( 6 per side @ 3 second down) 60 second Plank Hold Minimal rest between exercises and 1 minute between rounds. Conditioning 12 Minute AMRAP* As many rounds or reps as possible 10/8 Calorie…

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February 1, 2019 Week 5 Day 5

K Squared Combine testing will be taking place February 6th. 7 different test. A chance for you test your data to prevent plateau. Also an opportunity for you to bring a friend who wants to gather baseline data and potentially get started. Pressing Strength (8 Minutes) A. Every 30 seconds x 3 sets (3 Minutes)…

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January 24, 2019 Daily 30

Same workout as last Friday. See if you can use heavier weights than last week. Strength A. Four sets of: 6 Heavy Back Squats 12 Hip Thrust 18 Weighted Lunges *Minimal rest between exercises and 1 Minute rest between sets Conditioning B. 15 EMOM* Every minute on the minute 30 seconds or rowing or running…

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