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April 4, 2019 Daily 30

Total Body Strength 20 Minute EMOM* Every minute on minute Deadlift x 8 Push Ups x 12 Lunges x 16 Push Press x 20 Increase the weight on your deadlifts, lunges, and push presses each set.

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March 11, 2019 Daily 30

Strength (10 Minutes) A. Three sets of: 45 second plank Pull Ups x 6 or Negative Pull Ups x 4 Back Squats or Goblet Squats x 12 Complete the the three exercises as quickly as possible and rest 1 minute between sets Conditioning (10 Minutes) A. Against a 10 minute clock: Row 2000 or 1600…

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March 11, 2019 Week 5 Day 1

Core (8 Minutes) A. 5 EMOM Seated Pike Lifts/Single Leg Pike Lifts/ Seated Butt Lifts x 30 Elbow Jacks x 30/25/20 Abmat Crunches w/ legs extended x 20 Hollow body to l sit on DB’s/ Hollow body to L Press x 15 L to L sit/ extension/ tuck/ Single leg extension/Tuck Hold/ tuck taps x…

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February 14, 2019 Week 1 Day 4

Core (9 EMOM) A. 9 EMOM Tuck Hold w/ Med Ball x 20 10 Copenhagen Planks/ Side Plank x 20 seconds per side Strength (10 Minutes) A. 4 EMOM Back Squat/ Sumo Deadlift x 2 recommended reps 4 reps @ 65% 3 reps @ 75% 2 reps @ 80% 1 rep @ 85% Rest 1…

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I first met Karensa over a year ago, she was one of my first five clients. She was excited to do something different and to get stronger! She had broken her leg the year prior and was timid when it came to lifting heavier as you could imagine. I got to give it up to…

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