March 12, 2019 Week 5 Day 2

Core (8 Minutes)



  1. 25/20 Elbow Jacks/ Plank Hold x 40 seconds
  2. L to L sit/ extension/ tuck/ Single leg extension/Tuck Hold/ tuck taps x 40 seconds

Every 30 seconds x 2 sets

  1. Tuck Hold x 15 seconds
  2. 5 Strict toes to bar/5 Strict Ankles to bar*/ 5 Strict K2E*/5  Strict leg Raises/ 5 Knee Raise to extension x  

*Control down with straight legs

Strength (21 Minutes)



Deadlift x 3 @ 80%


Every 90 seconds x 3 sets (4:30)

  1. Sumo Stiff Leg Deadlift x 8 @ 3 second negative

Men – 205/145/135 lbs

Women – 135/115/95  lbs

We did 6 reps February 6th. The Sumo stance will allow you to pull the weight a little easier.



  1. 18 Hip Extension/ Reverse Hyper from box
  2. 12 GHD Raises or 18 Supine Ball Hamstring Curls

Conditioning (10 Minutes)


For Time complete 25/18/12 reps of:

  1. KB Thrusters/ Double KB Front Squats/ KB Push Press
  2. Toes to bar/ Leg Raises/ Knee raises/ V Ups

Kettlebell Weights

Men – 20/16/12 kg

Women – 14/12 kg or 20 lb Kettlebell

Additional Strength + Conditioning Options

Conditioning Speed Practice (10 Minutes)



1A. 30 seconds of Squat Clean/ Front Squat @ elite weights/ Deadlift/ Med Ball Clean  x max reps

30 second of rest

1B. 30 seconds of  20 lb weighted Squat jump/ Squat Jump/ Body Weight Squat w/ calf raise  x max reps

30 seconds of rest

1C. 30 seconds of Push Ups/ Negative Down + Knee Push Up/Banded/ Knee Push Up  x max reps

Men – 115/95/75

Women – 75/65/55 lbs

*Heavier weight this week. Since it’s a squat clean, you can get under more weight.

When the clock hits 3:00


  1. The reps you achieved during exercise 1A
  2. The reps you achieved during exercise 1B
  3. The reps you achieved during exercise 1C

Example: If you achieved 8 Squat Clean during the initial test when you do your 6 EMOM you would perform 8 reps each set.

Rowing Intervals (60 Minutes)

Four sets:

  1. Row 2600/2000/1700 Meters

Same distance as last week, one additional set.

Goal time 9:50 or if you beat that last week your goal would be to beat your time from last week.


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